Allego EV chargers coming to pit stops across Belgium

Dutch charging infrastructure provider Allego has entered into a cooperation to install ultra-fast charging stations at 100 rest stops operated by G&V Energy Group by 2024. The partners want to realise twelve locations before the end of 2022 and see the longer-term potential for another 150 sites.

The expansion to 250 charging stations will depend on capacity utilisation, so Allego. Currently, the company operates 5,000 public AC charging points in more than 305 Flemish municipalities and 63 DC stations throughout Belgium. The new cooperation will see Allego high power charging stations throughout, starting in Noorderlaan, Antwerp.

“Given G&V expansive network in Belgium, this agreement will truly complement our existing network in Belgium and help create a solid network of HPC charging solutions across the country,” comments Harold Langenberg, Managing Director of Allego BENELUX.

GV Energy counts among the country’s biggest independent operators and manages over 200 fuel stations under the brand names G&V, Esso, Shell, Total Energies, Q8 and ENORA. The company also offers a fuel card CASP which already includes access to charging stations in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France.

According to Xavier Dewulf, CEO of G&V Energy Group, the partnership will enable G&V to offer their CAPS customers “a future-proof solution for their fleet and the ever-changing mobility needs.”

The Allego charging stations will be branded as such but installed under the existing canopy of the fuel station itself where possible. Allego canopies may be added in future as capacity expands.

In addition to the planned 100 sites with G&V, Allego announced another 56 ultra-fast charging locations next to main highways in the coming year 2022-2023. Upon completion, this will make it the largest DC network in Belgium, so the company.

At the beginning of the year, Allego reportedly changed prices in some markets, also introducing different pricing for slower and high power charging in the Netherlands and Belgium. At present, EV drivers pay 65 cents per kWh for fast chargers and 69 cents for ultra-rapid chargers. The kilowatt-hour at AC chargers there costs 0.39 euros/kWh.


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