Allego changes prices in some places and station types

In Europe, Allego has introduced new prices for its charging stations in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands as of 1 January 2022 – which does not always mean a price increase. Also new is a distinction between slower DC charging and HPC.

AC charging now costs 43 cents per kilowatt-hour at Allego in Germany (previously 41 cents). DC charging, which used to cost a uniform 59 cents per kWh in Germany with 50 to 350 kW, is now differentiated according to charging power: up to 50 kW, the kilowatt-hour now costs 65 cents with Allego in Germany, and for DC chargers with more than 50 kW power, it is now 69 cents. The previous price change was dated June 2019.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, the distinction between DC and HPC has also been introduced, making charging even cheaper in some cases – albeit at a high level: as in Germany, 65 cents per kWh is charged for fast chargers and 69 cents for ultrafast chargers. The kilowatt-hour at AC chargers there costs unchanged 0.39 euros/kWh – the exception here is the charging points from the Groningen-Drenthe region, where the kilowatt-hour costs 0.369 euros.

In France, the same pricing model was introduced, but with slightly lower prices. At an AC charging point, 0.35 euros/kWh is charged. For DC, it is 0.50 euros/kWh up to 50 kW, and 0.55 euros/kWh above that.

There are no price changes at Allego stations in Denmark, Sweden and the UK. As usual, the new prices also only apply to ad-hoc charging. Those who charge at Allego stations via other charging services can continue to do so with different conditions applying. In addition, there are no longer any transaction fees for payment by credit card, SEPA or via the Smoov app.

Not surprisingly, Allego justifies the new prices with the recently increased energy prices. Allego says that although energy prices have been rising for some time, the company has, until now, been able to protect its customers from feeling this pinch. To maintain this as much as possible the company aims to only increase its tariffs in some countries and for some charging types.

In November, Dutch fast-charging provider Fastned also increased its ad-hoc price to €0.69/kWh – also citing energy costs. In mid-December, the German charging provider Lichtblick also announced that it would raise prices for its “FahrStrom” tariff on 1 February 2022.


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