Alfen & Diebold Nixdorf cooperate on charging

Dutch charging station manufacturer Alfen has agreed a multi-year service partnership with US-American IT group Diebold Nixdorf. The latter will be the preferred partner to provide field services for Alfen’s expanding electric vehicle charging infrastructure across Europe.

Diebold Nixdorf will provide maintenance services to ensure improved availability. The partnership has started in four countries in Europe. The two companies say this will number will grow as Alfen expands its pan-European charging infrastructure.

Dr Ulrich Naeher, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Diebold Nixdorf, said: “Our DN AllConnect Services is known as the industry standard for proactive monitoring and corrective maintenance across premier retailers in Europe. We are proud to leverage our extensive network of service professionals and AI-powered monitoring technology to bring that same level of quality services to EV charging, which is a critically important step toward a greener future.”

Earlier this year, Italian manufacturer Alpitronic agreed on a long-term service partnership with Diebold Nixdorf. The US American technology group will provide Managed Services for Alpitronic’s flagship product, the hypercharger.

Alfen charging has a number of charging partnerships in place, among which is British Gas and the RAC in the UK, Shell in the Netherlands, EVBox, and BeeCharging Solutions among others.


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