Yoyo now in sharing use with Enjoy in Turin

The small electric car Yoyo from the Italian start-up XEV is now in car-sharing use. Enjoy, Eni’s car-sharing service, is deploying 100 examples of the XEV Yoyo in Turin.

The Italian start-up XEV unveiled the production version of its 3D-printed electric small car Yoyo at the IAA Mobility last year. For Enjoy car-sharing services, the vehicles can be recognised by their very eye-catching lime green colour.

The urban mobility vehicle is a two-seater that is 2.53 metres short and weighs only 450 kilograms (without battery): The Yoyo is driven by a permanent synchronous motor on the rear axle, which offers 7.5 continuous and 15 kW peak power. This is combined with a replaceable LFP battery with 10.4 kWh and 77 volts. In this configuration, the Yoyo is supposed to cover up to 150 kilometres.

These new cars that use minimal city space and energy, join what the company says is an existing fleet of 300 cars and cargo vehicles. The car-sharing offer allows customers the convenience of ‘free floating’ car sharing that allows rentals to begin and end anywhere within Enjoy’s coverage area.

“Reducing polluting emissions, decreasing the use of private vehicles by favouring public transport and the use of shared vehicles are goals that we pursue to achieve our vision for an intelligent, responsible and interconnected model of mobility,” said Chiara Foglietta, Councillor for Mobility and Transport of the City of Turin. “The expansion of Enjoy’s fleet with the introduction of 100 new electric cars is a step in this direction. It increases and improves the offer of alternatives to private cars available to citizens and promotes the intermodality of public transport.”

The city of Turin is the home city of startup XEV. Towards the end of last year, the company signed an agreement with petrol station operator Eni. Part of the deal was that the Yoyo would become part of the Enjoy fleet, Eni’s car-sharing service, from 2022, as is now the case.



about „Yoyo now in sharing use with Enjoy in Turin“
Pedro Lima
24.05.2022 um 19:00
Much better than the Renault TWIZY.
Elizabeth Orchard
25.07.2022 um 20:37
Can someone please give me help on starting and charging my YoYo

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