Tesla begins expansion process in Grünheide


The expansion of Tesla’s Giga Berlin plant in Grünheide is becoming concrete. According to Arne Christiani, mayor of Grünheide, the US electric car manufacturer has submitted an application to initiate a development plan procedure for the area in question.

Tesla wants to expand its site in the east by 100 hectares. “The municipality of Grünheide has punctually received an application to initiate a B-Plan procedure in the immediate vicinity of the current 300-hectare B Plan,” said the mayor of Grünheide, Arne Christiani, as reported by the regional news service, RBB. News of a possible expansion of the area was leaked just a few weeks ago. According to the latest information, a goods station, logistics areas and parking spaces are to be built on the new site.

Next Thursday, Grünheide municipality’s main committee will process the application. For Mayor Christiani (not aligned to a party), this is the starting signal for a B-plan procedure. RBB quotes the Mayor as saying, that as a result of administrative procedure, it will become clear whether all the concerns that are relevant in such a B-plan procedure correspond to the wishes of community representatives.

The case apparently has a chance of success. Christiani assumes that the majority of the committee members will agree to a recommendation to initiate a development plan procedure. He says that a result of the consideration and a possible resolution on the statute can be expected in less than a year at the earliest.

Tesla officially opened Giga Berlin in March and delivered the first black Model Y Performance to customers. In the meantime, white versions of this model are apparently also being produced.,


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