Volocopter completes first test flight with VoloConnect

Volocopter has completed the maiden flight of its four-seater electric aircraft VoloConnect, which was presented last year. The prototype performed various flight manoeuvres for two minutes and 14 seconds. The commercial launch of the VoloConnect is planned for 2026.

The VoloConnect is Volocopter’s third aircraft. The vertical take-off aircraft (eVTOL) powered by six motors is designed in particular to connect suburbs and inner cities and is expected to achieve a range of 100 kilometres and flight speeds of more than 250 km/h. The aircraft is also equipped with two engines. The prototype, which the company says has all the aerodynamics and performance features planned for the commercial product, completed its maiden flight in May 2022 after just 17 months of development.

Currently, the VoloConnect prototype is undergoing a series of further flight tests, during which the company is assessing whether it can meet the performance limits of the aircraft, including its systems, and whether it is ready for further development steps.

The company’s portfolio also includes the VoloCity, a two-seater with 18 rotors developed for urban areas, and the VoloDrone cargo drone. With the longer range and higher payload of the VoloConnect, Volocopter says it is opening up the market segment from the city to the suburbs and beyond. While the commercial launch of the VoloConnect is planned for 2026, the VoloCity is already scheduled for launch in 2024. On its website, Volocopter talks about first commercial flights in Paris and Singapore.

“This is an extraordinary moment for us – seeing the VoloConnect soar to the sky marks the achievement of one of our key milestones and demonstrates just what we are capable of in a short time and in line with the company’s overall strategy for crewed and uncrewed aircraft,” says Sebastian Mores, Chief Engineer VoloConnect. “Furthermore, new technologies will be tested that will gradually be implemented during the overall program development.”



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