Delta Electronics reveals compact DC charging station

Delta Electronics has introduced the Slim 100, a new compact DC charging station. The charging station offers a maximum DC charging power of 100 kW and an efficiency of over 96 per cent. The model is being offered across EMEA – Europe, the Middle East and Africa .

According to Delta Electronics, the Slim 100 enables simultaneous DC and AC charging of three vehicles with up to 50 kW DC (2x) and 22 kW AC (1x). According to Delta, the charger also meets the requirements of German calibration law, although certification has not yet been completed.

An important feature for Delta is also the model’s small footprint. with a footprint of 89.2 x 44.4 centimetres, it takes up 55 per cent less space than comparable products, which is said to make the Slim 100 suitable for “space-critical applications in public spaces” such as car parks or narrower parking spaces. With a weight of 200 kilograms, no crane is needed for installation, the manufacturer says.

For DC charging, the Slim 100 supports system voltages of up to 920 volts. It is not clear from both the announcement and the data sheet whether the Slim 100 is only available in the configuration shown with one CCS and CHAdeMO cable each as well as the Type 2 socket or whether other versions with 2x CCS are also available – the announcement only mentions “two charging ports for DC fast charging” in general.

The peak charging power of 100 kW is only possible at the CCS port (250 A), the CHAdeMO port is designed for a maximum of 62.5 kW – if both ports are occupied, charging with 50 kW each is possible. According to the Taiwan-based manufacturer which supplies Apple and Tesla with power components, the dynamic load allocation should shorten the charging time and thus enable a greater throughput of vehicles. The high efficiency of 96 per cent should ensure lower operating costs and “significant savings” over the operating time, not only in times of high energy prices.

The Slim 100 has an integrated Modbus TCP interface and supports OCPP 1.5S/1.6J including web socket and TLS. The charging station can be flexibly connected to external backend systems via modem (2.5G/3G/4G) or Ethernet. The column supports both MAC address-based AutoCharge and Plug & Charge according to ISO 15118-2.

If none of the automated authentication solutions is used, users can also start the charging process via credit card, app or the RFID reader. The integrated 7-inch LCD display shows all user-relevant information about the charging process. The deep arrangement of the user elements in accordance with the specifications of DIN 18040 should enable barrier-free use of the charging station.


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