VW ID. Aero: Volkswagen debuts ID. EV number 6 in China

By presenting the VW ID. Aero online today, Volkswagen has previewed the ID. family’s latest member of all-electric cars from the German brand. The study of this electric, four-door sedan precedes the production model developed specifically for China, where VW will offer two versions.

The basic shape of the nearly five-meter-long MEB sedan with its curved roof arch and aerodynamic body is likely to be retained in Europe and North American versions, but some details (possibly) will not. For example, the ID. Aero just shown for China has an illuminated VW logo at the front, and Volkswagen has replaced the classic door handles with luminous touch surfaces – in favour of aerodynamics. Thanks to such measures, the CW value is 0.23.

It remains to be seen whether any European version will also reach the almost luxury length of five meters. So far, VW has opted to describe the ID. Aero as a sedan in Passat format – the current Passat series is 4.78 metres long. Since VW has already launched some extended-wheelbase versions of existing models in China, Europe may see a shorter version in this case.

According to Volkswagen, the ID. Aero powertrain relies on current technology. VW installed the 77-kWh-battery of the MEB line, which claims a range of up to 620 kilometres according to WLTP. The VW ID.5 with the same battery has a WLTP range of up to 521 kilometres. VW is not currently providing details on the drive system. It is, therefore, open which configurations the brand will offer – or whether the ID. Aero will feature new power levels and performance levels.

The two variants mentioned above are not drives or trims: As with the ID.4 and ID.6, there will be one version of the ID. Aero per VW’s China joint venture. Together with FAW, Volkswagen will cover the north of the country, while SAIC-VW is active in the south of China. If the naming is analogous to the ID.4, SAIC-VW will launch the ID. Aero X and FAW-VW would launch the ID. Aero Crozz on the market.

In China, the electric sedan is expected to be available in the second half of 2023. The German company does not name sales targets but has high hopes since they developed the study specifically for the Chinese market. “With the help of the regional strategy, the company wants to become China’s leading supplier of sustainable vehicles. As early as 2030, at least every second vehicle sold in China should be an electric vehicle,” VW said.

VW will present the corresponding series ID. Aero for North America and Europe in 2023, as reported. Production will start at Volkswagen’s Emden plant in Germany for supply on both continents.

The ID. Aero follows the ID.3, ID.4, ID.5 and ID.6 models and the ID. Buzz, making it the sixth member of the ID family of electric cars based on Volkswagen’s modular e-drive system (MEB). By 2030, Volkswagen targets at least 70 per cent of sales in Europe to be zero-emission cars.

With reporting by Sebastian Schaal, Germany.

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about „VW ID. Aero: Volkswagen debuts ID. EV number 6 in China“
Gordon Peterson.
28.06.2022 um 08:06
The ID Aero looks great. No need for quirky lines and distortions as with some marques. A smooth aero look. Similar but not the same as the IONIQ 5. Not all new EVs settle for quality integrated design and instead go for quirks which won’t look right very shortly.

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