EO reveals two new chargers


UK charging solutions provider EO Charging is bringing two new products to market – EO Genius 2 and EO Mini Pro 3.

The two new smart chargers are compliant with the “Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations”. These new regulations come into force on Thursday 30th June 2022 and require all home or commercial chargers sold in the UK, excluding Northern Ireland, to have smart functionality and incorporate pre-set, off-peak charging hours.

Charlie Jardine, CEO & Founder at EO Charging says “EO Genius 2 and EO Mini Pro 3 signal the start of a new generation of advanced chargers, designed from the ground up to deliver fleet managers and EV drivers an unrivalled experience. We have embraced the new UK charging regulations to encourage smarter charging behaviours from users and better support the Grid as it faces increasing demand as more drivers shift to electric.”

Earlier this year, EO Charging and energy service provider eEnergy announced plans to install at least 50,000 charge points for electric vehicles at schools, colleges and universities by 2030. The two companies aim to have 2,000 charge points installed by the end of 2022.


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