Pininfarina starts production of the electric hyper GT ‘Battista’


Italian luxury carmaker Automobili Pininfarina has begun production of its all-electric GT supercar, the Battista. The Battista is now being hand-built in a 2,300 square metre hall in Cambiano in the Italian region of Piedmont. A maximum of 150 examples will be built and deliveries will begin at the end of summer 2022.

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The Battista, first unveiled in 2018, will be “the most powerful car ever designed and built in Italy and it will deliver a level of performance that is unachievable today in any road-legal sports car featuring internal combustion engine technology”, the manufacturer wrote in a statement. Thanks to 1,400 kW and a torque of 2,340 Nm, it is said to manage the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in less than two seconds. The 120 kWh battery supplies power to four electric motors – one at each wheel. A range of up to 476 kilometres is said to be possible with a single charge.

Incidentally, the electric motors for the Battista are provided by the Croatian specialist Rimac, which in turn has started production of its all-electric hypercar Nevera. As reported, Automobili Pininfarina is planning a whole series of other electric models after the Battista, such as an SUV and a sedan.

The Battista is now available in the “Pura” body style or with the “Furiosa” body design package. In addition to the 150 units, five copies of the Battista Anniversario will also be produced and have already been sold.

Automobili Pininfarina describes the premises where the vehicle is produced as an atelier that has been specially redesigned for the Battista’s manufacture. It is divided into 14 production and quality assurance areas. The manufacturer quotes the duration of assembly as ten weeks; for the Battista Anniversario it is 18 weeks. “Each individual Battista is assembled by 10 craftspeople, taking more than 1,250 hours. The bespoke design features and finish of the exclusive Battista Anniversario extends this up to 1,340 hours,” writes the manufacturer. Customers are personally supported by a team during the entire design and manufacturing process. For this purpose, the company has set up a personalisation lounge next to the assembly area.

“Our objective with Battista was to deliver an alluring new kind of ‘Gran Turismo’ driving experience, leveraging unprecedented power developed through electrification and perfectly complimenting the exquisite work of our Design team in the shapes and details featuring throughout this hyper GT,” says Paolo Dellachà, Chief Product and Engineering Officer at Automobili Pininfarina. “We have prioritised quality in everything we do. From world-class technical componentry to relentless testing during Battista’s development programme, we wanted to ensure our customers will enjoy every experience with this incredible first car from the Automobili Pininfarina team.”

Update 05 October 2022

Automobili Pininfarina has built two units of the Battista electric hypercar for the US market for the first time. These are a Battista and a Battista Anniversario, both of which will leave the Battista atelier in Cambiano later this month. They are both scheduled to be handed over to their new owners in October.

The posh brand is also expanding its presence in North America: Automobili Pininfarina’s tenth retail partner in total has opened in Dallas.

“The team and I are very proud of Automobili Pininfarina’s expansion in the US and the delivery of the first Battista cars stateside,” said Per Svantesson, CEO of Automobili Pininfarina. “North America is a very special region for Automobili Pininfarina. The appetite in the community for peerless design and the demand for innovative electric luxury cars means that the majority of the 150 bespoke Battista we handcraft in Italy will be owned by US clients.”, (update)


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