Aug 11, 2022 - 03:13 pm

Isetta-style convertible coming in as Evetta Openair

The German EV manufacturer ElectricBrands debuts the Evetta Openair, a convertible based on the mini light electric vehicle, Evetta. The Evetta Openair First Edition is limited to 999 units and is available to pre-order now.

The Evetta succeeded the Artega Karo, itself a Microlino, after ElectricBrands acquired Artega in April this year. (You may read the whole saga surrounding the Isetta-clone/s here.)

In the present, though, the new Evetta Openair features a removable soft top. The convertible mini EV will have an 18-kWh battery as standard, claiming a range of 200 kilometres.

While ElectricBrands positioned the Evetta Prima (€19,540) as a small city vehicle suitable for everyday use, the Evetta Openair will probably be more of a fun recreational vehicle. The compact LEV retains entry through the front door inherited from its iconic Isetta model. But material cut out signifies the sides. And the soft top cannot be opened or closed automatically at any time – as is usual with today’s convertibles – but has to be removed completely before driving. This also reveals the rollover bars behind the headrests, which protrude slightly.

The Evetta Openair First Edition is limited to 999 units, with deliveries from mid-2023. However, the small convertible will not be cheap: On the reservation page, ElectricBrands states an “expected” price of 33,333 euros, which will be due next year. The reservation fee, which has to be paid immediately, is 3,333 euros.

“We are really proud of our Evetta. It’s all in one: it looks good, it’s absolutely space-saving in the city, it’s efficient, and it’s sustainable,” said Martin Henne, the ElectricBrands CEO. He stressed repairability since “individual parts can be replaced simply and easily.”

ElectricBrands also announced a third variant called Evetta Cargo. Pictures reveal an extended wheelbase and cargo area, including a canvas cover. However, ElectricBrands did not provide technical details in today’s announcement.

In recent news, the company was constructing production lines at their factory in the German town of Göttingen. The basic series LEV will utilise the platform of the XBUS by ElectricBrands. Type approval and homologation have already been obtained. ElectricBrands expects to build 30,000 mini EVs in year one once production starts in 2023.

A map on the company’s website shows dealerships in almost all European countries.

Info via email; additional reporting by Sebastian Schaal, Germany. (reservations)


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