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Geely takes two Guinness records


Geely’s electric car brand has broken two Guinness World Records with its first model. The Zeekr 001 secured the titles for the fastest drift ever achieved by an electric car (207.996 km/h) and the fastest electric car slalom (50 cones in 49.05 seconds).

To achieve the record of fastest electric vehicle drift, the Zeekr had to achieve greater speeds than 160kmph and the 001 was able to achieve a maximum speed of 207.996 kmph. Using the 001’s high-performance twin electric drive system, the front and rear were able to achieve instantaneous torque output up to 7,680Nm and an acceleration time up to 100kmph in only 3.8 seconds.

The slalom record was doone by weaving between 50 equally spaced cones, completing the course without touching or knocking any down in 49.05 seconds.


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