Alfen launches new charger for Plug&Charge (ISO 15118)


Alfen has launched a new charger generation that complies with ISO 15118, the international communication standard for EV charging, that enables intelligent features such as Plug&Charge and bidirectional charging.

According to Alfen, this makes it one of the first AC charger manufacturers to realise the full implementation and compatibility of Plug&Charge functionality with ISO 15118.

Plug & Charge essentially allows an EV to communicate with a charging station, thus also facilitating V2G. WOn the driver’s side, these comms run invisibly; they just plug in and charge their EV without an app or RFID card. The car and the charger automatically identify each other by exchanging certificates issued in advance through a certificate pool.

“To make V2G and Plug & Charge a reality, the charging station, the back-end, and the EV need to support these capabilities,” said Michelle Lesh, Chief Commercial Officer for Alfen. Their EV equipment was ready to embrace it now, so the CCO.

Alfen expects to gradually introduce the new ISO 15118 capabilities on its range of EV charging stations. The Alfen Twin charging station for the (semi) public domain will make the start before single and double outlet EV charging stations will follow next year.


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