Arizona to septuple its number of chargers

Invisible Urban Charging announced that it is partnering with EV Charging of Arizona to roll out 13,980 EV chargers in Arizona, increasing its total number of EV chargers by seven times. The installation will commence in Q1 2023.

Invisible Urban Charging (IUC) was founded in 2019 as a complete ‘EV charging solution as a service’ provider and partners with major property owners to provide on-site EV charging at scale in high numbers, helping to achieve the 3.5 million chargers expected to be required by 2030.

IUC has big plans in America: With more than 6,000 EV chargers going into Florida and the 13,980 now announced in Arizona, IUC will be deploying nearly 20,000 EV chargers over the next 12-18 months.

“IUC is proud to be working with S3 Biotech to get ahead of the growing demand from staff and visitors to their development in the City of Maricopa, and also to other cities in the great state of Arizona,” said Nigel Broomhall, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of IUC. “More EV chargers help reduce range anxiety and encourage more Americans to drive electric, something that is good for everyone’s long term health, and ultimately their wallets. Next-generation facilities like those that S3 Biotech is developing attract businesses and employees that want to move to electric and having chargers on-site makes these campuses highly attractive places to work.”,


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