BP Pulse & Hertz team up on US charging infrastructure

Image: Hertz

Hertz has agreed with BP Pulse to set up a US-wide fast charging network at its car rental locations. Installations have begun at the first 25 rental stations, while more than 500 locations are targeted in the USA.

The fast-charging network follows the car rental company’s procurement of up to 340,000 electric cars  from Tesla, Polestar and General Motors. These electric cars are to be made available at 500 Hertz locations in 38 US states in the future.

The Memorandum of Understanding now signed provides for BP Pulse to build, operate and manage fast charging stations for Hertz nationwide via its Omega software. For its major customer Hertz, Omega will enhance its software to “quickly and efficiently charge Hertz’s growing fleet of electric cars between rentals”. Omega already supports fleet operations, including all real-time data and also prioritised charging when the electricity price is low.

The charging points will not only be accessible to Hertz rental cars but also to the general public, as well as taxi and ridesharing drivers. Details on the charging stations to be built at Hertz’s US locations have not been disclosed, nor has their exact number and charging capacity.

BP Pulse was formed at the end of 2020 when Polar and BP Chargemaster officially rebranded their charging business under the banner ‘BP Pulse’, after which Amply Power joined the brand when it was acquired by BP at the end of 2021. BP Pulse has already begun installing charging infrastructure at 25 Hertz rental stations in several US states this year.

“We are excited to partner with bp pulse to create a national charging infrastructure for the Hertz EV fleet, thereby growing the number of charging options available to our customers and providing them with a premium electric experience and lower emission travel options,” said Hertz CEO Stephen Scherr. BP CEO Bernard Looney added: “Working together to deliver charging facilities and design solutions, we believe we can take the EV driving experience to the next level for US customers. And this is just the start for bp pulse in the United States,” he promised.



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