Skoda Group receives order for 33 trolleybuses

The Transport Company of the Czech city of Ústí nad Labem has ordered 33 trolleybuses from Skoda Group. These are based on the Skoda 27Tr model, which already transports residents in the north Bohemian city. Only a technological difference exists.

Compared to the vehicles already in service, the newly delivered trolleybuses will have two traction motors, i.e. two drive axles. The operator expects this to provide “a smoother ride in the hilly terrain of Ústí nad Labem”, especially in winter and in a terrain described as “rugged”. The total power is 250 kW.

The vehicle also has a battery that allows it to travel without using the overhead line. The vehicle can react to service interruption and bypass with battery power when on diversion. However, Skoda does not mention the size of the battery in the announcement. The Skoda 27Tr, with one motor, has a battery-electric range of 15 kilometres before having to hook back on to catenary power. In addition, both articulated trolleybuses have an energy recovery system to reduce consumption.

The 18-metre buses have four doors and can carry up to 115 passengers. There is automatic air conditioning, USB charging points and brushed stainless steel handrails. There are tyre pressure monitoring, pedestrian collision control, blind spot monitoring, and an electrically heated windscreen for the driver’s safety, among other features.

The order value of the 33 vehicles is 650 million Czech crowns, the equivalent of €26.5 million, about €800,000 per vehicle.

“Our advantage is that we know our client and his specifics, and thanks to this, we can offer exactly the solution the Transport Company of the City of Ústí nad Labem needs,” said Tanya Altmann, President of the Bus Mobility Division at Škoda Group. “Our reliable trolleybuses are purchased by customers in many Czech and European cities.”

Despite the name, Skoda Transportation or the Skoda Group does not belong to the Volkswagen Group like the Skoda car brand, but the PPF Group of the Czech company Petr Kellner. Similar to the carmaker Volvo Cars and the commercial vehicle manufacturer Volvo Group or the luxury car brand Rolls-Royce and the eponymous manufacturer of aircraft engines, there is a common origin, but over time the paths of Skoda Cars (green logo) and Skoda Group (blue logo) diverged.

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