Blink Charging updates app and platform


EV charging provider Blink Charging announced it rebuilt the Blink Network network and readied its Blink Charging Mobile App to provide more information to EV drivers in real-time. Both updates take a global outlook.

The newly rebuilt Blink Network is cloud-based and allows site hosts to onboard and connect Blink chargers globally, explains Blink. Features include managing chargers in multiple languages that include English, French, Canadian, Greek, Hebrew and Spanish, across 26 countries. Blink also expanded dynamic pricing protocols that can respond to applications, locations, and schedules.

Internally, the improved platform allows Blink to onboard chargers from recent acquisitions, including Blue Corner in Belgium, EB Charging in England, and SemaConnect in the United States. Blink hopes the network will improve user experience across all segments, including residential, multifamily, retail, workplace, and hospitality, by bringing all functionality together in one platform, including fleet management.

On the user side, the new Blink app now allows EV drivers to search for nearby amenities and chargers by postcodes, city, business, category, or address. It also features expanded keyword search, says Blink, enabling drivers to search for a cafe or shopping centre near a charging station.

The Blink Charging Mobile App offers more personalisation since users can save their favourite chargers and manage payment data and real-time charging information, including estimated time left to charge and costs.

The new updates require current EV drivers to download the Blink Charging Mobile App, which is available for both IOS and Google devices.

Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq: BLNK, BLNKW) has deployed over 51,000 charge points across 25 countries. Much growth has come from extensive acquisitions when entering new markets.


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