JLR UK signs up to Plugsurfing service


Jaguar Land Rover UK has partnered with Plugsurfing to offer JLR customers access to the charging network. Jaguar Charging and Land Rover Charging clients can now charge at over 300,000 charging points stretching across 27 countries and integrating 700 separate CPOs.

Plugsurfing has provided JLR with charging services since 2018 in Europe, so the latest announcement was an extension of that existing partnership into the UK. The biggest charge point providers in the Plugsurfing network in the UK include Osprey, Ionity and with more network operators being added later this year.

Buyers of Jaguar and Land Rover hybrid and fully electric vehicles will receive an RFID charging key and access to the companies’ charging apps.

JLR has laid out three tariffs. Pay-As-You-Go package incurs no monthly fee, and charging sessions cost simply the current variable rate at each charger. The Gold Tariff, priced at £4.26 inc. VAT per month, provides fixed prices for charging yet depending on the speed of the charger. The Platinum Tariff, priced at £8.50 per month including VAT, reduces the fixed rates, making it suitable for drivers that are regularly charging away from home.

“Until now, we have been impacted by a compromised public charging infrastructure,” said Rawdon Glover, MD of JLR UK. The new charging services would now “serve our fleet and business customers with valuable management tools, and enhance the charging process by making it more simple and convenient for drivers throughout the UK and across Europe,” he added.

As part of the ‘Reimagine’ strategy, Jaguar will become an all-electric luxury brand by 2025, while all Land Rover models will have an EV by the end of the decade. The first battery-electric Range Rover is set to premiere in 2024.

Finnish energy group Fortum, which acquired Plugsurfing more than four years ago, sold the Berlin-based business to Fleetcor Technologies, a US business payment service, in September. According to Fortum, the purchase price is around €75 million. Plugsurfing intends to use the fresh capital to grow further.


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