Saudi Arabian airlines orders aircraft from Lilium

Bavarian electric flight taxi startup Lilium has signed a preliminary agreement with Saudi Arabia’s Saudia airline to supply 100 units of its all-electric Lilium Jet. However, it is not yet a binding order.

The plan is to build an eVTOL network operated by Saudia throughout Saudi Arabia, according to Lilium on the occasion of the now-signed memorandum of understanding. In addition to point-to-point connections, Saudia also plans to operate all-electric feeder connections to its hubs for business-class passengers using the Lilium jet.

If the two companies reach an agreement, the deal would include maintenance and service in addition to delivery of the aircraft. However, before the final purchase of the 100 Lilium jets, the two partners still have to conduct a feasibility study, agree on the terms of the deal with the conclusion of definitive agreements and meet certain conditions. Saudia, however, intends to support the Munich-based company in the regulatory approval process in Saudi Arabia.

The announcement does not say exactly when the first units will be delivered to Saudi Arabia if an agreement is reached. This April, Lilium had postponed the market launch from 2024 to 2025.


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