Fleet Advantage wants to procure 100 electric trucks

Fleet Advantage, a US heavy-duty truck leasing provider, has announced the procurement of 200 US Class 8 electric heavy-duty trucks. The 200 electric trucks will be available to the provider’s customers from 2023. Fleet Advantage is not yet providing further details, such as from which manufacturer or manufacturers the trucks will be ordered.

According to its own information, Fleet Advantage currently manages 14,000 articulated lorries – all of them, however, with combustion engines. The order now announced is the first major purchase of trucks with alternative drive systems.

The 200 vehicles are being procured as more and more of the company’s customers switch to zero-emissions targets. As a result, Fleet Advantage plans to offer “off-balance sheet lease financing with little or no residual risk” to support these plans by its customers. Based on customer surveys “in combination with solid data analysis”, the EV fleet is to be increased “significantly” in the coming years – the company is not getting more specific here at the moment.



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