Nov 1, 2022 - 03:20 pm

Fastned lowers charge point prices

The European fast-charging company Fastned has lowered the prices at its charge points in a number of countries, responding to a recent drop in energy prices.

In Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, the kWh tariff will drop from 83 to 74 cents on 1 November, and in Switzerland from 83 to 69 centimes. Fastned had already recently held out the prospect of lowering its prices again when, just over a fortnight ago, Michiel Langezaal, CEO of Fastned said: “When wholesale energy prices stabilise at lower levels, we hope we can adjust our prices downwards again.” The Dutch company appears to be sticking to its good intentions.

That said, Fastned has also warned that it is not sure how long these prices can be maintained. The company said further on Twitter: “We will continue to review energy prices each month and keep you updated on any price changes through our app, website, and charger screens.”,


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