Tritium scores deal with DC-America to supply fast chargers


Australia’s Tritium announces a new partnership in the US with DC-America. The company will now utilise Tritium fast chargers in its modular charging system. The deal also brings Tritium further in line with federal funding opportunities.

With DC-America now offering customers its charging system equipped with Tritium’s PKM150 fast chargers, the company is compliant with federal ‘Buy American’ standards and eligible for National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program funding.

“We’re thrilled to partner with an industry innovator on a charging system that’s proudly made in America,” said Tritium CEO Jane Hunter.

DC-America’s system is modular and skid-based, allowing for rapid deployment with minimal onsite disruption and a simplified permitting process. The company adds its system was suited for highway charging corridors with Tritiums PKM station delivering 150 kW.

“Designed for cost-effective operations and infrastructure deployment, the PKM150 is the ideal charger to pair with DC-America’s innovative system,” Hunter continued.

As for compliance, the new deal is in line with ‘Buy America’ requirements set by the US Federal Highway Administration (FWHA) since Tritium opened its new US factory in Lebanon, Tennessee, in August, which the White House also endorsed.

This was also in response to the NEVI programs, part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. As reported, the NEVI program will allocate $5 billion over five years toward developing a nationwide EV charger network.

Apart from most components being sourced in North America, the rules also require government-funded EV charging stations to use DC fast chargers and have at least four ports capable of simultaneously charging at or above 150 kW.

“When deciding which chargers to pair with our NEVI-compliant system, Tritium was a natural choice,” said DC-America President Nathan Bowen. “With a reputation that speaks for itself, Tritium is an ideal partner in our efforts to deliver accessible and convenient charging infrastructure across the country.”

The US administration expects the infrastructure funding to help build EV chargers across more than 75,000 miles of highway nationwide.

Neither Tritium nor DC-America disclosed details on expected volumes.


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