MW Motors revamps the retro electric car Luka EV

In 2018, the Czech company MW Motors delivered a foretaste of a small electric car in retro design with the Luka EV. Now there is an official update on the project: shortly before the planned start of production, the company has decided to completely overhaul the car.

This mainly includes the chassis, but a new water-cooled motor, new steering, new brakes, new batteries, a better charger and a revised interior – according to MW Motor with “more space and comfort” are also planned. At the rear, according to the brief announcement, the wings have also been widened to allow 17-inch rims to be fitted as an option.

Technical specifications are not mentioned at this time. According to 2018 specs, the Luka EV should have a system output of 50 kW with four wheel hub motors, each producing 12.5 kW. Since the consumption of the lightweight (815 kilos) was to be only 6.8 kWh/100km, a range of 300 kilometres would have been possible, according to the promises at the time, despite the battery being quite small at 21.9 kWh.

The changes thus include numerous important components, for which the production facilities are now also likely to be adapted. On the other hand, the “unique look” is not to change – even if the wings are adapted.

Nevertheless, the delay so close to the start of production is not expected to last long. In the first half of 2023, the revised Luka EV is to be released for pre-sale. More details and photos are to follow with the company’s next update.

The company does not specify why exactly such profound changes were made at this point in time. “There were many reasons for this move,” the letter explains only in general terms. “We’re sure you’ll be as excited about the changes as we are.”

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Joe Baker
28.11.2023 um 02:06
Will this be coming to the U.S.? This is exactly what I have been waiting for. Small EV sports car not particularly high powered or fast but with great handling and enough room for a weekend for two. This is was a sports car is supposed to be. Please make me your U.S. test market.

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