Designwerk Car Carrier sports 1,000 kWh battery

The Swiss eMobility specialist Designwerk is taking orders for its electric Car Carrier with a 1,000 kWh battery capacity. The extra-large battery was developed in close cooperation with Kässbohrer Transport Technik for the international market.

The opening of orders for the electric car transporter, which Designwerk is calling simply the Car Carrier, follows the presentation of its e-tractor with a 1,000 kWh battery that the Swiss company presented just a couple of weeks ago. The Car Carrier can be ordered with various trailer and body variants from Kässbohrer and offers a range of up to 510 kilometres in the aforementioned largest battery variant.

The Car Carrier is built on a basic Volvo FM chassis. The battery can be charged from 10 to 80 per cent SoC in under two hours with a charging power of 350 kW. The tractor’s four electric drive motors put 500 kW on the road. The first deliveries of the Car Carrier are scheduled to take place in Germany next year.

The model with a battery capacity of 1,000 kilowatt hours sports four modular battery packs that provide the required energy. Depending on the application, these can be placed individually when ordering. There are versions with 18.75 metres and with up to 19.75 metres basic length. “Depending on the application, we adapt the Car Carrier to the specific needs of the customer and thus guarantee optimal use,” says Markus Erdmann, Product Manager E-Trucks at Designwerk.

The first automotive logistics companies include ARS Altmann and Mosolf, which are planning to use the electric Car Carrier in spring 2023 with versions adapted to their respective use cases. That said, the two companies will not use the 1,000 kWh model of the car transporter. Designwerk explains that Altmann and Mosolf plan to transport eight passenger cars from the factory to the dealer, for which “340 to 500-kilowatt hours with a range of 260 to 300 kilometres” is perfectly adequate.

The large battery is to be used for “medium and international routes” – also for larger passenger cars. Up to seven SUVs will be transported emission-free on the articulated truck from Kässbohrer.

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about „Designwerk Car Carrier sports 1,000 kWh battery“
01.12.2022 um 21:05
With more and more new cars being EVs perhaps they could utilise the batteries on board the cargo? 8 Evs would equal 400KWhr

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