GM considers electrifying Camaro and the Escalade


General Motors could convert two more iconic model lines into complete sub-brands for electric cars. This is according to a media report. In addition to the Corvette sports car series, these are said to be the Camaro from the Chevrolet family and the Escalade from the Cadillac family.

The source for this is again the magazine Car and Driver, which in turn refers to an insider. In the case of Camaro, GM is considering developing it into a sub-brand with new models such as an all-electric 2+2-seater coupé and convertible, a decidedly sporty crossover in two- and four-door variants and a sports car flagship.

The Escalade subsidiary brand could be composed of the classic model, a three-row crossover and a minivan, according to the report. Although in the case of Escalade the magazine does not explicitly mention that the new models will be electric, Cadillac had announced last year that it would only introduce all-electric new models and would stop selling cars with internal combustion engines completely from 2030.

Only two days ago, Car and Driver reported that the Corvette sports car series was also to be rebranded as a sub-brand for electric cars – based on the Ultium platform. According to the report, which is based on insider statements, a four-door coupé and a high-performance crossover are planned under the GM umbrella in addition to the already confirmed classic electric Corvette. The only official confirmation so far is that the new Chevrolet Corvette will be offered as a hybrid from next year, followed later by an all-electric Corvette based on GM’s Ultium platform. This is what General Motors President Mark Reuss had said in April.

GM itself wants to launch 30 electric models worldwide by 2025. Tooth years later, in 2035, the US corporation wants to sell only electric cars.


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