Voyah introduces third EV model in China

Dongfeng’s electric car brand Voyah has introduced its third model for the Chinese market. The approximately five-metre-long Zhuiguang electric sedan with twin-motor all-wheel drive has an output of 375 kW and is available with two battery sizes (82 and 109 kWh).

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In terms of technical data, the Zhuiguang differs from the first Voyah model, an electric SUV called Free: The Free comes with an 88 kWh battery and uses either a 255 kW rear-wheel drive or a 510 kW all-wheel drive with two motors. The Zhuiguang is 5.01 metres long (with a wheelbase of exactly three metres), 1.97 metres wide and 1.50 metres high.

According to the manufacturer, the 82-kWh pack will be semi-solid-state cells. There are no further details about the battery itself. However, with a range of 580 kilometres in the Chinese CLTC cycle, the vehicle is on a level that would also be possible with conventional batteries – unfortunately, as mentioned, there are no details on the energy density and the installation space of the battery. The 109 kWh battery relies on regular cells and is supposed to allow up to 730 kilometres according to CLTC.

In terms of prices in China, the Zhuiguang is priced slightly below the Free (from 333,000 yuan). Purchase prices for the new sedan start from 322,900 yuan (about 43,520 euros) with the small battery and from 432,900 yuan (58,350 euros) with the large battery. Alternatively, the battery can be rented out, which lowers the purchase price of the electric car by 130,000 yuan (17,520 euros) for the 82 kWh battery and 180,000 yuan (24,260 euros) for the variant with the 109 kWh battery. The monthly instalments for the batteries are then 226 and 303 euros respectively.

Unlike the rival model Nio ET7, the Voyah Zhuiguang is not designed for a battery exchange system. At a minimum of 458,000 yuan, the ET7 is somewhat more expensive. With a rented battery (also for the equivalent of 226 euros per month), however, the ET7 becomes 128,000 yuan cheaper – and is then on a comparable level to the Zhuiguang.

Deliveries of the Voyah Zhuiguang are scheduled to begin in the first half of 2023. Voyah is already delivering the first units of the Free in Norway – the first store was opened in Oslo in the summer. It is not known whether the sedan will also come to Europe.

Update 25 April 2023

The Dongfeng brand Voyah has started selling its first e-sedan in China. Launched in December, the Voyah Zhuiguang will be offered in three versions at starting prices between 322,900 and 432,900 yuan, currently between 42,300 and 56,700 euros. This means that the current prices are the same as those announced at the end of 2022, which means that Voyah has not reacted to the price reductions implemented by other manufacturers this year.

At the beginning of 2023, Voyah in Norway delivered its first electric cars in Europe. It is not yet known whether the Zhuiguang will also come to Europe after the release of its electric SUV ‘Free’.

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