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Tesla Hearse 3 Derks Uitvaartmobiliteit

In the Netherlands, the Dutch company Derks Uitvaartmobiliteit has converted the Tesla Model 3 into a hearse. The company calls the vehicle the Tesla Hearse 3, which is based on the Model 3 with rear-wheel drive and a standard Range Plus battery.

The electric funeral car required considerable body modifications and a stretch on the wheelbase. Tesla Hearse 3 also comes with an optional starry sky roofliner at the back and special storage compartments.

The extensive modifications result in a somewhat lower range, but since the dead don’t often take road trips, at 350-375 km (218-233 miles), it’s still plenty to silently glide to the graveyard.

This modification of a Tesla for a hearse is by no means a first. In 2020, the British funeral car manufacturer Coleman Milne began offering a purely electric hearse based on the Tesla Model S, and the Norwegian engineer Jan Erik Naley has also undertaken a special Model S conversion into a hearse. Each of these hearse electric vehicles have their very own style.,,