Silent luxury for life’s final journey

The British funeral car manufacturer Coleman Milne is now offering a purely electric hearse based on the Tesla Model S. The conversion was a collaboration between British firm and the German luxury coachbuilder Binz.

The two companies are responding to a trend towards eco-friendly funerals. But this is not the only advantage. Customers may not be able to escape death in this hearse, but they will escape at least some taxes:

Coleman Milne writes, “The new Electric Hearse will have particular appeal to Coleman Milne customers operating in Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) and Clean Air Zones (CAZ) across the country,” – In these zones, fossil-fuelled hearses have to pay tax for their unhealthy emissions during life’s last journey.

The two companies are by no means the only ones with the idea, almost exactly a year ago we wrote about a Model S from Norway converted to a hearse.,


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