Alternative electric transport means introduced at CES

Electric drives are not just for regular vehicles. At this year’s CES, a variety of alternative EV applications were explored as there were also electric rollerblades and a self-driving electric stroller on display.

The rollerblades are powered by an electric drive system that is capable of going up to 25 km/h (15 mph), and can be controlled by a hand-held remote. Alternatively, the company says the product also will come with a smart mode that attempts to help you move faster as you skate.

And while autonomous driving technology is still some time out for its bigger cousins, the electric pram is looking at how to make life easier for parents with a child with a self-driving baby pram. The speed is designed to go at walking speed and thus accompany parents who may need their hands to deal with something else while navigating with the baby. (rollerblades), (pram)