First indications of prices and specs for the Kia EV9


Shortly before the premiere of the production version of the Kia EV9, concrete hints about the drive variants and prices are emerging. According to these, the US prices for the electric seven-seater SUV are likely to be between 56,000 and 73,000 dollars.

That would be the equivalent of between 51,500 and 67,150 euros. The eMobility portal Electrek reported on the alleged US prices – referring to a current customer survey by Kia in the USA. According to the report, five equipment options for the EV9 with ranges of 220 miles to 290 miles (354 to 467 kilometres) were named and the survey participants were asked which of them they would choose. It is therefore not known whether these are actually the final prices including the exact drive configurations or whether the sales department has used slightly modified values.

In the survey, US customers were not only presented with all-wheel drive variants of the EV9, but also a rear-wheel drive with around 150 kW of power. Whether such a variant will actually make it to the market or whether the EV9 will only be built as an all-wheel drive vehicle in view of its size and the price range is an open question – at least the interest in a cheaper and longer-range rear-wheel drive variant has now been polled.

According to this, the all-wheel drive variants are to have a power output of up to around 300 kW. So far, all-wheel drive versions with 239 kW or 430 kW in the Kia EV6 GT are known for vehicles based on the E-GMP – as long as only those all-wheel drive variants with the 77.4 kWh battery are considered. Whether the EV9 will get an additional battery option with higher energy content is not confirmed. The information from the US customer survey does not allow any clear conclusions to be drawn here: although it is likely that there will be two battery options, as the survey asked for variants with the same power but different ranges.

However, since these are hypothetical variants whose data cannot be directly transferred to later series models, we will have to wait for the actual premiere. But that won’t be long now, as Kia wants to present the EV9 in the first quarter of 2023.


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Trik R
24.01.2023 um 23:39
Jumping from 2900mm to 3100mm in wheelbase makes for quite a bit more room for batteries. Given it is the usual SUV brick shape more than 77.4 kWh will be needed for 290 miles EPA (EPA is more aero dependent). Wouldn't be suprised to see 90+ kWh for the longer range version.

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