Electrify America to build 1,000 HPCs for TravelCenters of America


TravelCenters of America is partnering with Electrify America to install approximately 1,000 fast charging stations at 200 locations along major US highways within five years. The company operates rest stops, restaurants and shops in the US under various brand names.

The first fast-charging stations operated by Volkswagen subsidiary Electrify America are to be installed at TravelCenters of America locations later this year. They will offer 350 kW, Plug&Charge payment technology and round-the-clock customer support, according to a company statement. The charging infrastructure will be owned by TravelCenters of America but installed, operated and maintained by Electrify America through its Electrify Commercial business unit.

The background is that Electrify America both operates a public fast-charging network in the US and provides turnkey charging solutions for third parties. The latter is done through Electrify Commercial – and is the case with the agreement now announced. “Electrify Commercial presents a unique opportunity for businesses like TravelCenters of America to own their own charging stations while leveraging Electrify America’s experience building the largest open, DC-fast charging network in the US,” the statement said. At the same time, the stations will be added to the Electrify America charging network, allowing customers to access the chargers and pay for charging through the Electrify America app.

TravelCenters of America operates rest stops, restaurants and shops under several brand names at a total of 281 locations in 44 US states. Primarily under the TA, Petro Stopping Centers and TA Express brands. “TA’s large locations with expansive amenities are attractive to EV motorists and we are committed to expanding our EV charging infrastructure to accommodate this growing number of EV drivers over time,” expresses Jon Pertchik, CEO of TravelCenters of America. “Our agreement with best-in-class Electrify America provides an unmatched offering of excellence in locations, service and support.”

Giovanni Palazzo, president and CEO of Electrify America, specifically welcomes the contract as an opportunity to “provide the critical infrastructure needed for EV drivers of today and tomorrow.” The combined strengths of the two companies, he said, will allow them to take greater steps towards their shared vision of a more sustainable future.


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