StoreDot cooperates with Circulor on supply chain tracking

Image: StoreDot

Israeli battery developer StoreDot has agreed to cooperate with supply chain tracking provider Circulor. The cooperation will make it possible to track the origin and CO2 emissions of the raw materials for StoreDot’s battery cells.

The technology from Ciculor makes it possible to track the provenance and CO2 emissions of the raw materials used in any company’s battery cells and its manufacturing cells process. This makes it possible for said company to prove responsible, sustainable, and ethical sourcing.

StoreDot’s fast-charging silicon-dominated battery cells are already being tested under real-life conditions by 15 car brands from Europe, Asia and the USA. Earlier this year, the Israeli company opened a research centre in the USA.

Ciculor’s tracking technology is borne of Germany’s push for an international Battery Passport for transparency in battery resources. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK) funded the development of a digital product passport for batteries intended to bundle all relevant information along the entire life cycle from raw material extraction to recycling. The funding went to a consortium led by Systemiq Deutschland GmbH, which includes Volkswagen, BMW, Umicore, BASF, Fraunhofer IPK and Circulor, among others. The work of the German project runs parallel to the battery passport plans of the Global Battery Alliance (GBA), in which consortium partners such as BASF and VW are also active.

The aim is for the battery passport developed to meet the requirements of the forthcoming EU battery regulation, which will become mandatory for all newly acquired batteries in vehicles, stationary storage and larger industrial batteries in Germany and Europe from 2026.

StoreDot has also joined the German government’s Battery Pass project as a supporting member alongside Circulor. The two companies say they will continue to work on the project “to strengthen industry collaboration and prepare for the enactment of the EU Battery Regulation”.


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