Hubject to integrate 1,600 charging points in Hungary


Hubject is cooperating with Hungarian charging network operator MVM Mobiliti to integrate its charging infrastructure into its roaming network Intercharge. MVM Mobiliti operates Hungary’s largest charging network with almost 1,600 charging points.

MVM Mobiliti’s charging points are mostly located in places such as department stores, shopping centres and fast food car parks. Almost one hundred of the charging points are DC chargers. These charging points can now be used in roaming by customers of other Mobility Service Providers (MSPs) whose service is connected to Intercharge.

MVM Mobiliti was founded in 2017 by the energy company MVM. MVM Mobiliti has installed DC chargers around the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), to which they have committed through their participation in the Connected Europe Facility (CEF2) programme.

The Intercharge network now includes the CPO networks of more than 1,250 B2B partners in 55 countries on four continents, according to Hubject. In total, Intercharge thus offers access to more than 500,000 charging points.

“Public charging infrastructure needs to be in place everywhere, all over Europe, to ensure the timely adoption of eMobility. Thanks to the intercharge network, MVM’s impressive network of charging points will now be even more accessible to international EV drivers,” says Hubject CEO Christian Hahn. According to Szabolcs Balogh, Managing Director of MVM Mobiliti, the partnership with Hubject will enable the company to strengthen its own “eMSP partner network and to facilitate eMobility for EV users arriving in or transiting through Hungary”.


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