Porsche plans electric seven-seater for 2027

Porsche’s new electric flagship is to be launched in 2027 and will be a seven-seater, off-road-capable luxury crossover. Porsche previously announced that it is working on an electric SUV positioned above the familiar models. Now, the first technical data has surfaced.

According to information from the British magazine Autocar, the SUV will be more than five meters long (the Cayenne measures 4.93 meters) and sit on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE). This is not surprising, since it will most likely share the production line with eh PPE-mounted electric Macan, which will hit the street in 2024.

The electric Macan is currently being built at the plant in Leipzig, parallel to the combustion version. Porsche will discontinue the latter in the middle of the decade, saying that would free up space for the production of a new electric SUV positioned above the Macan and Cayenne SUV models.

However, according to Autocar, the PPE will most likely receive an update by then. Developments include a 920-volt architecture for even faster charging and oil cooling for the electric drives. Moreover, Porsche will probably rely on a cell-to-chassis concept for the battery, allowing for a capacity of more than 100 kWh and a range of over 700 kilometres.

Taking the 100 kWh of usable energy storage as a basis, consumption for a range of 700 kilometres would be around 14.2 kWh/100km. If it is 120 kWh, consumption should not exceed 17.1 kWh/100km if 700 kilometres are still to be possible. Charging losses are not included in this simple rough calculation.

Both the E-Macan and the Taycan, which are already in production, offer charging capacities of up to 270 kW with their 800-volt system. It is unclear what capacity the alleged 920-volt system of the K1 would have. With a larger battery, charging power (not only peak) must also increase if the charging process is to remain the same from ten to 80 per cent. Otherwise, charging will take significantly longer than for the carmaker’s smaller models. Since Porsche probably wants to position the K1 above the current Cayenne top model Turbo GT, which already has a price tag of 205,000 euros, drivers will not want to have to wait longer at the charging station than with an electric Macan that costs half as much.

It remains to be seen how the overall concept of the vehicle will affect the electric drive. As mentioned, the K1 will be a seven-seater, which still requires a certain interior height at the rear – and thus tends to have a somewhat higher centre of gravity due to the body shape. At the same time, however, it is supposed to be a “sporty interpretation of an SUV”, also suitable for off-road use – at least according to Autocar. Possible competitor models would be the BMW iX (although only available as a five-seater) or the Mercedes EQS SUV with an optional third row of seats.



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