Everun & Nicholl Oils to build charging network in Northern Ireland


Everun is joining forces with Nicholl Oils to develop the largest electric vehicle charging network in Northern Ireland. Together, the two companies will invest up to £2.6 million to install AC & DC chargers at all Nicholl branded forecourts.

As mentioned above, the project represents a total joint investment of up to £2.6 million, with plans to install at least one rapid charger and one AC charging point throughout the Nicholl network of branded forecourts. The first 46 charging points are to be installed between April and September this year beginning with forecourts in County Antrim and County Down. This will only mark the start, as both partners have announced plans to grow the network to over 100 points across the country.

“We are proud to be innovators in renewable energy, we also value the traditions and relationships needed to build these innovations on solid foundations,” said Eimear O’Reilly, head of projects and planning at Everun, adding: “By working together with Nicholl Oils we have the opportunity to build upon their last 60 years of impeccable customer service and help take it to the next level within the renewable energy space.”


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