Allego to build seven charging parks in Sweden

Charging specialist Allego has won a new contract from Sweden. As part of a cooperation with the real estate company Trophi, Allego will build publicly accessible fast-charging infrastructure at seven supermarkets and urban grocery stores.

Depending on the size of the site, four to eight HPC connections are planned, with an additional four to eight AC charging points at some locations. Since Allego’s latest priority for new sites is the Alpitronic Hypercharger HYC300, it is likely to be two to four of these charging points per site, each with two charging points. In any case, Hyperchargers can be seen in a press photo published with the announcement – but also two 50 kW charging stations from Tritium.

Of the seven locations, four will be at outlets that are close to major roads. The remaining three sites are downtown supermarkets. Six of the sites will have canopies, and these will also be drive-throughs. In this case, the charging point is located next to the parking space – like the pump at a petrol station. At the seventh location, this was apparently not possible for structural reasons.

With 275 properties in Sweden and Finland, Trophi is the leading Nordic real estate company specialising in retail properties with supermarkets. Trophi and Allego have agreed on a standardised approach “to simplify the process and make construction more efficient”. Trophi will lease parts of the land to Allego, on which the Dutch company will then install and operate the charging equipment.


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