Stellantis appoints Vehya to help US dealers get EV-ready


Stellantis has chosen its next partner in support of getting its US dealers ready to sell the Group’s electric models. Vehya, a Detroit-based company, will offer Stellantis’ 2,600-strong dealer network evaluations and EV integration services.

The move follows earlier reports of Stellantis requiring outlets to commit to an electrified future. The merger of Fiat Chrysler and the French PSA Group plans to roll out 25 EVs in North America within the decade.

In a first step, dealers must get ready to install charging infrastructure, with Stellantis assigning stores an anticipated EV sales volume with corresponding minimum requirements of chargers, according to our reports.

This is where Vehya comes in. The company delivers charging solutions to homes and businesses, and today’s statement calls the Detroit company an experienced auto dealer partner.

Vehya’s workflow platform would provide “a full-service solution for dealers,” so Stellantis, with features including Vehya-certified electricians, detailed site surveys, comprehensive estimates, and a dedicated account manager that handles all project management and administrative duties.

“We’ve found that our easy-to-use platform combined with an account manager for point of contact gives dealers peace of mind and minimizes barriers, especially in cases when dealing with utility company upgrades to sites,” states Etta Salaj, business manager at Vehya.

“As our partners in the automotive industry transition to electric-vehicle sales and service, our goal is to provide our 2,600-plus US dealers with high-quality options that meet their individual EV integration needs within every area of the dealership business,” said Phil Langley, Head of Network Development, Stellantis North America. “Vehya is equipped with the experience and infrastructure needed to help support our dealers and make this process as straightforward and simple as possible.”

The company will join Future Energy in offering services to Stellantis dealers. The Group appointed Future Energy, also based in Detroit, last November as its first step in preparing its dealerships for electrification in the US. Other requirements include tooling up and upskilling staff.

The transition is not mandatory; however, if a dealer doesn’t install EV chargers to support EV products, it’ll limit their product offerings and likely impact their success in the future, Stellantis said. Dealerships must bear the investment cost. Yet, Stellantis said that more than 73% of US dealers were assessing their EV readiness.

The Group targets 50% of sales in the United States to be battery-electric vehicles by the end of this decade.


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