Webasto enables HR to assign charging profiles and bill sessions

Webasto has launched a new add-on for its ChargeConnect software that allows companies to integrate charging data into cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. It enables fleet managers to bill employees for charging sessions right on their payroll, among other things.

But there are more sympathetic functions to the Webasto ChargeConnect add-on. Fleet operators must set up employee user groups to enter the new options to monitor and assign charging profiles. The new reservation function, for example, also enables fleet operators and employees to allocate and book charge points to reduce downtime and charging queues. Using the Webasto app, users can then start the charging session at the reserved charge point. The new add-on automatically transfers the charging data to the linked cloud ERP system (that’s the billing part). Simultaneously, EV drivers no longer need to pay manually at their workplace charging points.

According to Webasto, the new tool provides companies greater transparency regarding fundamental charging behaviour in the company parking lot. Individual charging sessions can be tracked, data can be retrieved for specific time slots, employees can be assigned different charging capacities, and even charging tariffs can be defined for different users.

“The hardware is only as good as its software, so we are continuously developing our Webasto ChargeConnect software infrastructure,” said Dr Michael Bauer, Executive Vice President of Charging Systems at Webasto. “The latest features of our software environment now allow us to address the business sector, where we want to greatly simplify the increasing effort and expense of billing charging costs. With the new reservation function, we also want to better organize access to charging points in company parking lots.”



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