Audi releases update 3.2 for Q4 e-tron vehicles


Audi will deliver software 3.2 for the Q4 e-tron and Q4 Sportback e-tron from the model year 2023 onwards and update all older vehicles to this software status. The announced features include Plug&Charge, future over-the-air updates, and increased DC charging capacity.

Audi refers to the software update 3.2 as delivering functions with “high everyday utility”. For the exact scope of the update, a distinction must be made as to exactly how old the vehicle is. The model year 2023, i.e. with a production date from calendar week 35/2022, already has this update.

MY-2022 vehicles with a production date from calendar week 08/2022 were already delivered with software 3.0 or 3.1 – these reportedly have features such as optimised DC charging power up to 135 kW or the option to define a preferred charging window (e.g. at cheaper rates at night). With the 3.2 updates, these vehicles receive the Plug&Charge function, the ability for OTA updates, and new designs for the MMI screen background.

All older Q4 e-tron with production dates before calendar week 8/2022 will receive additional functions that newer vehicles already have. These include the DC charging power mentioned above, a “battery protection function” for gentle charging to 80 per cent SoC, remote control of the charging process and departure times in the car or via the “myAudi” app, and integration of the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. In addition, drivers can create personal user profiles and plan routes in the ‘myAudi’ app to send to the in-car navigation system.

In addition, Audi has improved charging. During preconditioning with the departure timer, the energy needed to heat the interior in winter is no longer drawn from the vehicle battery, if possible. If the car is connected to a wall box or public charging station, the energy from the external source is used for pre-heating. The new software also optimises consumption using a revised thermal management system that conditions the battery considering the outside temperature and the state of charge.

Audi writes that dealers will inform existing customers of vehicles with software version 3.1 or older “individually” within this quarter about how to proceed with the update. However, this does not mean an immediate update is possible: “To avoid waiting times, the software updates will be applied by region and in several waves,” so the carmaker.


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