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Open Tesla-me: Is there a glitch in the software?


Could there truly be one app to open them all, those Tesla cars? It looked like there was for a man in Vancouver who got into what he thought was his car and even drove off. It turns out it wasn’t, which leaves a few open questions.

Something wasn’t quite right this week in Canada when Rajesh Randev said he thought he was getting into his Tesla. There were two Teslas parked side by side, Randev told Global News, and he opened the door of one with his app on his phone, got in and drove off.

So far, so good; only things started to look strange when he started driving. First, he noticed a crack in the windscreen and, when blaming it on his wife, found that she had nothing to do with it. Next, he looked for his phone charger and did not find it in his place. Still, only when his mobile came alive with a message asking him whether he happened to be in a Tesla it dawned on Randev – he was, but it was not his Tesla.

Still, he had managed to open the car with his app on his phone, which obviously should be impossible and not a “magic dock” any Tesla owner would like.

“Apparently, I found some glitch,” Randev said. He managed to open the car again after parking.

When handing over the Tesla to the original owner – who drives the same make and colour but with different wheels – they were both laughing, Randev told Global News. They also called the police just in case. “The police said they have my statement, but they cannot give me a file number because nothing happened, but if something does happen to, let them know, and they will investigate.”

Randev has since reached out to Tesla but has yet to receive a reply.


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