Uber signs charging agreement with BP


BP and Uber have entered into a new mobility partnership to allow Uber drivers to access BP Pulse’s HPC charging network. Initially, the collaboration will focus on core markets in Europe, the UK and the US.

According to the company, other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, will follow later. As a first step, local teams from the two companies will now work together to “to offer drivers on Uber’s platform bespoke access to bp pulse’s high-speed charging network, including special offers,” according to communications from the groups. The partnership builds on an initiative already launched by Uber. In some countries, a map in the Uber drivers’ app shows the nearest charging point.

Uber stresses that the deal is the first partnership of its kind between a ride-hailing platform and an energy company. As part of the agreement, BP will make offers “tailored to each market, including providing incentives for them to charge with bp pulse.” Both sides are also looking into working together on convenience and fuel offers.

Both Uber and BP want to decarbonise their business: Uber wants to become a zero-emissions platform worldwide by 2040. This goal is to be achieved in the US, Canada and Europe as early as 2030. BP, for its part, aims to become a carbon-neutral company by 2050 at the latest.

“Drivers on Uber’s platform need great value access to the fast, reliable charging infrastructure we’re building as they make the switch to electric. We’re investing billions of dollars worldwide in high-speed EV charging, digital products and services, and large scale bp pulse Gigahubs that will help commercial customers eliminate tailpipe emissions,” says Richard Bartlett, CEO of BP Pulse.

Christopher Hook, Global Head of Sustainability at Uber, emphasises that they want to become the cleanest platform on the planet, but, “getting to 100% electric is not something Uber can do alone. It is a team sport, and it will take partnerships like this to reach zero tailpipe emissions, especially as we know availability of easy to access, affordable charging infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges for drivers.”,


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