Van Dijk Trucks installs public truck charging in Utrecht

In the Netherlands, Van Dijk Trucks recently installed a 360 kW charging station at its branch in Utrecht to supply electric trucks with power. The station can charge two vehicles in parallel with 180 kW or one vehicle alone with 360 kW.

Van Dijk Trucks says the charging station is public and suitable for all brands of electric trucks, and available around the clock. A truck parking space is marked to the left and right of the charging station. The charging system is the ABB Terra 360 model, which is suitable for both car and truck applications. Van Dijk Trucks wants to use the system exclusively to charge trucks. In the central Netherlands, the company acts as a truck dealer for Volvo Trucks and Renault Trucks, among others.

“There is a great shortage of charging stations for electric trucks in the Netherlands, partly because of congestion in the network,” Van Dijk Group says. With the new charging station, they want to contribute to improving the situation, says Willem van Cooten, Business Manager in Utrecht. “For our customers who drive electric trucks, this is a good solution to charge or recharge their truck quickly.”

Other Van Dijk Trucks branches will also be equipped with charging points in the near future. Specifically mentioned are the branches in Woerden and Culemborg.

ABB introduced the Terra 360 in September 2021. The first installations took place in Norway in May 2022. In Germany, ABB and Shell are reportedly planning to set up a nationwide network with more than 200 examples of this charging station.

In its standard configuration, the Terra 360 can serve up to four vehicles simultaneously. The Swiss manufacturer points out that besides commercial premises like these von Van Dijk Trucks, the charging solution is particularly suitable for petrol stations, shops and shopping centres to charge cars, delivery vans and trucks. In addition to the high charging power, ABB points to special advantages of the charging system, such as the modular design and its small spatial footprint.


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