BYD customers to get Shell discounts in Europe


BYD Europe and Shell EV Charging Solutions have entered into a cooperation to offer at least 100,000 BYD customers in Europe access to DC and HPC charging on the Shell Recharge network with special conditions.

Those who purchase a BYD all-electric car or plug-in hybrid will receive a so-called Platinum membership to the Shell Recharge network, allowing them discounted charging at Shell’s fast and ultra-fast charging stations. The Shell Recharge network now comprises around 300,000 charging points across Europe. The prerequisite for the unspecified benefits is that the vehicle is purchased by private customers via a BYD dealer and not directly online. This dealer transmits the Platinum membership and a charging card, after which the offer is activated via the Shell Recharge app.

Shell says that the Shell Recharge network membership and discounted charging from BYD will be purchased for “the first 100,000 customers”. But it has also said the offer will be open for “at least 100,000 customers”, so it looks possible that BYD has the option to extend the offer later.

István Kapitány, Global Executive Vice President of Shell Mobility, commented that they are pleased to be working with BYD in many key areas of e-mobility – “as part of a global cooperation that stretches from China to India to Europe.”

Kapitány’s statement refers to a global charging partnership that BYD and Shell sealed back in March 2022. This is to start in China and Europe and later be expanded worldwide. Part of this deal is the development of fleet solutions and exclusive charging services for BYD customers in Europe on the one hand and charging initiatives in China on the other. There, Shell and BYD have meanwhile founded a joint venture that currently operates more than 10,000 charging points in Shenzhen with the aim of expanding the network to other cities.

Both companies also want to look for ways to offer “integrated home energy solutions” to their customers worldwide. This will include dynamic tariff planning for the wallbox, but also home batteries, integration of PV systems and vehicle-to-grid functions for the electric vehicles (V2G).

Complementing these diverse approaches to charging infrastructure, Shell has pledged to explore the way in which its technologies and products, such as e-fluids and coolants, can be used to help BYD save further costs and improve hardware performance. Shell has done something similar, for example, with the German company Kreisel in 2020 – developing a battery solution that combines Kreisel’s Li-ion module technology with Shell’s thermal management fluid to deliver what the two companies say is “industry-leading battery efficiency and fast-charging capability, as well as superior safety and stability”.

BYD, meanwhile, said yesterday it would bring two more electric models to Europe, the Dolphin and Seal. The Dolphin will be available from June/July and the Seal from August/September. Shortly after the premiere of the European trio Atto 3, Tang and Han, BYD itself confirmed last year that it was considering selling the Seal mid-size sedan and the Dolphin compact electric car in Europe. The Chinese automaker has since confirmed that both vehicles will be offered in Europe in the coming months.,


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