Enel expands into public DC charging in North America

Enel X Ways North America has set itself an ambitious goal: By 2030, the company wants to operate two million charging points in North America, which should include private and semi-public charging points as well as 10,000 fast chargers.

Enel X Way says it has already sold more than 170,000 charging points in the USA and Canada – primarily for private and commercial charging. In order to achieve the new goal, the subsidiary of the Italian Enel Group also wants to expand into the market for public fast-charging stations in North America. And it will do so by building “on its success in serving the residential and commercial charging station segments.”

To do so, the company says it has introduced new installation, operation and maintenance services, as well as financing services, to drive the proliferation of its own charging stations. Among other things, Enel X Way aims to help its local partners access funding from the five-billion-dollar National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) programme.

In support of the NEVI programme, Enel X Way wants to build 10,000 DC charging stations “in selected areas of the country”. One of the NEVI focus points is to provide not only the already better-supplied urban centres with new DC columns but also rural areas with a previously much poorer fast-charging network.

Details about this fast-charging network have not yet been revealed. What is clear, however, is that Enel X Way had already ordered more than 250 fast charging stations from Tritium for use in the USA last summer.

“Building out the charging infrastructure will be critical to enabling the EV transition in North America, and Enel X Way is stepping up to help lead the charge with our plan to add at least two million EV chargers in North America across public, commercial and home charging segments by 2030,” says Chris Baker, Head of Enel X Way North America.



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