MG Cyberster electric roadster to launch in summer 2024


SAIC brand MG has unveiled the production version of its Cyberster electric roadster at the Auto Shanghai. The carmaker confirmed that the two-seater will launch in mainland Europe and the UK in the summer of 2024.

At the premiere in Shanghai, the main focus was on the design of the electric two-seater. Even though some photos had already leaked as part of the model’s application for approval in China, one detail had remained under wraps: the Cyberster comes with scissor doors that do not open to the side but to the top at an angle.

The pictures of the production version show that while numerous elements of the 2021 concept car were adopted, they have been noticeably and visibly toned down. However, the basic concept of a roadster with a folding fabric roof remains.

“The focus for Cyberster was to create a design that was respectful of the brand’s illustrious past and to bring back that sporting bloodline, while also being absolutely clear that it should be modern and forward-facing like the MG of today, completely in-tune with the rapid transition to electric vehicles,” says Carl Gotham, Advanced Design Director of the responsible MG design studio in London.

MG did not release any technical details at the time of the premiere. However, some details became known a few days ago when the registration application became public. The entry-level version of the Cyberster will feature a 231 kW electric motor on the rear axle. This drive unit is also installed in the top model but with 250 kW. In the latter case, the rear electric motor is supplemented by a 150 kW motor on the front axle – the same as for the MG4. With more than 400 kW, the all-wheel drive model is supposed to accelerate from zero to 100 kph in around three seconds. There has yet to be any information on the battery.

The registration application shows that the lighter version (presumably the rear-wheel-drive model) will weigh 1,850 kilograms, while the heavier model (the all-wheel-drive model) will weigh 1,985 kilograms.

Although SAIC confirmed in Shanghai that the Cyberster would launch in Europe next year, the carmaker has yet to communicate the EV’s price.,,,


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