GLS Canada orders four Lion6 electric trucks

Package delivery service GLS Canada has purchased four Lion6 electric trucks, which have been locally designed, developed, and built by Lion Electric in Canada. These four electric trucks will replace the current diesel trucks operated by GLS Canada.

The company specified that two of these trucks will be driven by GLS drivers in Quebec and the other two will be used in Western Canada by Rosenau Transport, which had been acquired by GLS in 2021.

“We are extremely proud to add Lion6 trucks to our fleet, which have been designed, developed, and built by Lion Electric in Canada. It brings us joy to support a local business and promote the local economy all while reducing our carbon footprint,” Rick Barnes, President of GLS Canada.

“The City of Montreal is proud to contribute to the ecological transition of Montreal businesses through initiatives such as the Sustainable Development and Mobility Program. The GLS project will set an example for other businesses,” added Luc Rabouin, responsible for economic and business development, knowledge, innovation, and design on the executive committee of the City of Montréal.


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