Australia: Queensland doubles EV subsidies

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The Queensland government is doubling up on EV rebates, meaning that eligible households can receive another $3,000 – on top of the $3,000 rebate that has been granted under the Zero Emission Vehicle Rebate Scheme since last year. That is about 2,000 US-Dollars or €1,823.

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Only EVs with a listing price of less than $68,000 are eligible – meaning 12 vehicle models, including The Tesla Model 3, which was the best-selling EV in Australia in the first quarter of 2023 (7,238 units). The BYD Atto 3 and MG ZS, the third and fourth most-sold EVs there in Q1 2023, respectively, also made the list.

Moreover, even buyers who purchased their electric vehicles since the beginning of the Zero Emission Vehicle Rebate Scheme in July 2022 can reapply and receive additional funding. According to Australian media, more than 1,100 people already received the governmental rebate and are possibly eligible for further incentives.

Queensland saw 3,892 new EVs hit the road in the first quarter of this year. That is an increase of nearly 80 per cent year on year. That is the second-highest number compared to other Australian territories.

The money is supposed to counteract rising EV prices. Only households earning less than $180,000 a year can receive the additional funding. “This is also not about free money for wealthy Queenslanders. It’s about giving every household, particularly working mums and dads, the opportunity to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle,” says Energy Minister Mick De Brenni. “This is about making EVs more affordable and more accessible to all Queenslanders to slash emissions and act on climate change with cleaner technology.”

Update 3 July 2023

As planned, the new EV subsidy scheme came into effect in Queensland, Australia, on 1 July. Residents who purchased an electric vehicle on or after 21 April 2023 for a dutiable value of 68,000 AUD or less can apply for the subsidies. Businesses are only eligible for a 3,000 AUD adjustment rebate payment.,,, (update)


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