Skoda announces plans for electric station wagon to release in 2026

Skoda is pushing ahead with its electric plans: By 2026, the Czech Volkswagen brand wants to increase its range of electric cars to six models, including four completely new EVs and two updated variants of the Enyaq iV family.

Last year, Skoda had already announced three new electric vehicle models by 2026, including a small car, a compact SUV and a seven-seater SUV. According to the plan now presented, an electric estate will be added.

The compact SUV, for which Skoda now confirms the model name Elroq, is to be presented in 2024. Revised variants of the Enyaq iV and Enyaq iV Coupé are planned for 2025, as well as the electric small car at a base price of around €25,000, before the “spacious” electric sedan and seven-seater electric SUV based on the Vision 7S show car are to follow in 2026.

The Elroq – as an electric model, the name starts with “E”, the suffix “-roq” was probably chosen in reference to the combustion model Karoq – will be positioned below the well-known Enyaq. Instead of being on the same level as the 4.65-metre-long Enyaq, the model is likely to be in the 4.40 to 4.50-metre range, like the Karoq. As mentioned, the Elroq is due to debut in 2024, so it will likely still be based on the familiar MEB platform – the revised MEB+ variant will get VW’s unit cell in the battery, according to earlier reports, and this is unlikely to be available before 2025.

The situation is probably similar for the facelift of the Enyaq and Enyaq Coupé – it remains to be seen whether the VW Group will switch from the MEB to the MEB+ in a facelift or only introduce the revised platform with new models. But even the MEB itself now has new developments that could find their way into the two Enyaq variants – such as the new APP550 rear engine, the 86 kWh battery from the VW ID.7 Pro S and the 15-inch touchscreen in the interior.

Skoda’s small electric car is known to be a small SUV. Based on the MEB Entry of the ID.2all study, two small cars are planned (the VW ID.2 and the Cupra Raval, both built at Seat in Martorell) as well as two small SUVs from the Pamplona plant – these are said to be a VW model presumably called ID.2 X and a Skoda offshoot. Earlier it was speculated that this Skoda model will be called Elroq. However, since Skoda now explicitly refers to a compact SUV in this model designation and the Spanish-built Skoda is clearly intended to be a small SUV, they are in fact different models.

Only little information is known so far about the estate model – for which there is apparently to be no matching e-sedan. Skoda itself states that the vehicle is to be around 4.70 metres long and ideal for “families and companies”. The world premiere is planned for 2026, a production and sales start could even be a little later – so far only the world premiere is confirmed. There is no further information on the platform yet – both the MEB+ and the SSP could be used in this period. However, as the renderings released by Skoda show a rather tall vehicle in terms of proportions, it could be the MEB+ – but this is pure speculation and not confirmed. One of the features of the SSP is supposed to be that flatter vehicles are possible again, on the basis of the MEB they turn out rather tall – as for example a comparison of ID.3 and Golf or ID.7 and Passat shows.

The seven-seater SUV will be even larger than the estate. Here Skoda indicates a length of around 4.90 metres, which would even slightly exceed the well-known Superb combustion sedan. At least in the current rendering as on the Vision 7S presented in 2022, the rear window is very steep, which should provide space for passengers 6 and 7 on the one hand, and a large boot on the other. Again, apart from the planned world premiere in 2026, there is no further information on the platform or technology.

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about „Skoda announces plans for electric station wagon to release in 2026“
26.04.2023 um 16:10
I had been hoping VW Group would make an estate on the ID3. The height of the Cupra Born but longer than the ID4. Hopefully it comes sooner.

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