Panasonic invests in billing platform for charging payments


Panasonic will invest in Ubiden, which provides charging services for electric vehicles. Together, the companies want to expand the number of EV chargers in Japan.

The amount that Panasonic is investing was not disclosed. Instead, the Japanese company focuses on what it hopes to achieve with Ubiden as a partner.

Ubiden’s EV charging services unit is called WeCharge and provides a billing system. The company allows users to pay for the energy used via a smartphone app – instead of having them pay for the time spent charging.

With Panasonic providing the hardware and Ubidon the software, the two companies want to set up charging opportunities, for example, in condominiums and residential complexes.

We are pleased to contribute to the expansion of EV charging infrastructures in residential complexes, in which demand for EV charger installations is expected to grow rapidly”, says Kunio Gohara, General Manager of the Corporate Venture Capital Office, Panasonic Corporation. “We anticipate that Ubiden’s services and our EV charging equipment and solutions will create synergies and expand open innovation that will accelerate the enlargement of the EV charging infrastructure.”


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