US EPA to invest $4 billion in port infrastructure


The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it was taking the first steps to develop programmes that will invest $4 billion from the Inflation Reduction Act in the nation’s port infrastructure.

The EPA is now opening up for public input to inform the development of two new programs: The Clean Ports Program will invest a total of $3 billion in transforming port infrastructure while boosting investments for zero-emission port equipment and technology that reduces climate and air pollutants and improves air quality at ports and surrounding communities.

The second programme is titled ‘Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicle Program’ and will invest another $1 billion to reduce vehicle emissions by providing funding to offset the replacement costs of heavy-duty commercial vehicles with zero-emission variants, deploy the infrastructure needed to charge, fuel, and maintain these emissions-free vehicles, and develop and train the appropriate necessary. The deadline to submit input is currently set for the June 5, 2023.

“Thanks to President Biden’s historic investments in America, we are transforming our nation’s infrastructure for the better, all while protecting the health of underserved communities that are too often overburdened by pollution,” said EPA Administrator Michael S. Reagan. “With $4 billion in funding for clean ports and clean transportation from the Inflation Reduction Act, we can deliver cleaner air and healthier communities, support good-paying jobs, and strengthen local economies.”

The announcement was made as EPA Administrator Reagan was touring the Port of Savannah, Georgia, which had previously already received $9 million in Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA) funds to reduce diesel emissions and improve air quality by upgrading and replacing older freight trucks, cargo handling equipment, and marine engines with cleaner models. “I continue working to upgrade Georgia’s port infrastructure and establish Georgia as the national leader in advanced energy technology,” said Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff. The new Clean Ports Program will continue to build on the electrification initiative already achieved there.


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